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Stuck on what you need to include in your resume?
Or maybe you're unsure how to address selection criteria.

I will help present you in your best light.

To find out about my fees,
click the link below.

Professional Resume

  • career profile / summary

  • key skills

  • list of responsibilities for each long-term position

  • work history

  • qualifications

  • achievements/project accomplishments

  • interests

  • a segregated field 'split' (for extensive resumes)

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Customised Cover Letter

  • a cover letter in the same style as your resume

  • highlighted relevant skills

  • highlighted relevant experience

  • reasons why you are suitable for the position

  • clear links to selection criteria

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LinkedIn Writing Service

  • interview about your career goals, work history and achievements

  • industry research

  • competitor research

  • a profile that highlights your strengths and achievements

  • keyword optimised profile

  • list of suggested groups to join, to grow your network and online visibility

  • a reflection of your resume (experience, skills, responsibilities, qualifications)

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Working with clients across the Commonwealth.

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