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A.I. may be here to stay, but human empathy is forever

As technology continues to evolve, artificial intelligence (AI) text generating programs are becoming increasingly advanced, now capable of producing large volumes of text in the exact structure you need, including all the details you want. Great, right? Well, for every superb invention, there is also a downside.

Despite the impressive capabilities of these AI programs, human writers are still better in many ways. (I'm not biased, I swear.)

Getting the facts right

Simply answered, it's because this technology relies on the information it is fed. Case in point, I experimented myself with a number of text generating programs to see what all the fuss was about. While it could generate a somewhat impressive piece with one command, the information was inaccurate and delivered with an exclaimer that commands submitted after 2021 could not be confirmed to be accurate. A bit useless when you need those up-to-the-minute statistics such as house median prices, interest rate rises and government budget updates.

Human copywriters can often provide a more accurate representation of facts and figures, as they are able to assess the accuracy and reliability of data before incorporating it into their writing. AI programs just don't have the same level of accuracy and 'fluid' critical thinking required in many instances, which can lead to written inaccuracies that lead to serious consequences - particularly where money or even human safety is involved.

Compassion verses computing

Human copywriters like me (though with my crazy schedule, I feel a bit robotic myself at times) will always produce original content for their clients - no matter the request, no matter the amount of research required, no matter the time it takes to complete.

AI text generating programs, while useful in some scenarios, are limited by the data they are programmed with, and can oftentimes only generate text based on what it has been fed to it by the creators of the program. Human writers, on the other hand, draw on their own creativity and knowledge to come up with new ideas and stories that feed into a business' brand, tone and overall persona.

Another benefit of having a human writer is that they can provide a personal touch to their writing. AI programs lack the ability to truly understand the context of the text they are writing, which can lead to emotionless writing void of personality and flair. Copywriters like myself, however, are able to tap into their own experiences and feelings to create text that resonates with readers and conveys the right message in the way it was intended.

So while AI text generating programs have made great strides in the past few years, human writers still have the edge when it comes to creating lasting content that evokes an emotional response or action. Copywriters like marketing by bel are able to produce original ideas, convey emotion and provide accurate representations of facts and figures – something that AI programs are still unable to do... for now.

What are your thoughts? Let me know on LinkedIn!

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